When you join RTTEMPS as a travel professional, you:

  • Get to see different parts of the US

    Experience the foliage in New England, snowboard in the West, surf at the beach, or hike in the mountains … after work of course.

  • Take control of your career

    Enjoy the flexibility of taking on assignments where and when you want.

  • Earn good money

    Traveling pays! In addition to your hourly wage, you’ll earn non-taxed housing, travel and per diem stipends.

  • Develop new professional skills

    Build out your resume quickly by working with new teams and equipment and learning new procedures.

  • Develop new life skills

    Working with different hospitals and situations prepares you to better adapt, communicate, and think critically on your next assignment.

For 35+ years, RTTEMPS has placed healthcare professionals in travel and permanent assignments across the US. National reach, personal touch, work/life balance – why look further? Contact [email protected] or 1-800-677-8233 today to see how traveling could be the key to your future.